Announcing Chicago Group Outdoor Track Program!

Announcing Chicago Group Outdoor Track Program!

run training tip interval trainingBeginning June 2nd, track interval running workouts and coaching for runners of all levels

Experience Triathlon’s Chicago group track program is a weekly coached track interval workout under the guidance of ET’s run and triathlon coach, Coach Jim Levesque. It’s designed to improve your run speed and performance levels. Runners should have a few months of consistent running several times per week prior to the class start. Participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Learn to adapt the legs to faster turnover and the body to higher demands.
  • Increase physiological efficiency and improve top speed.
  • Enjoy a great environment for the ‘feel’ of speed and receive performance feedback.
  • Group coaching on key topics such as pace, proper fast running form, running drills, breathing, heart rate zone training, interval training, injury prevention, race strategies and recovery.
  • Group support and motivation to run faster and longer.

When: Wednesday evenings (please see ET calendar to confirm)

Time: 6:30 – 7:45 PM

Location:  South State St. & West 23rd St., Chicago, IL

The cost of each session is $9. Athletes must pay ahead of time via this pre-pay link. You can sign up for multiple workouts or you can sign up for one at a time. You have the flexibility to meet your lifestyle schedule!

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