Our New Home

Our New Home

We have a new home on the web, and the feedback so far has been outstanding:

The new site looks AWESOME!  Nice job!!

Whoa!!  I LOVE IT!! It looks great!

Looks great!  Really navigates well.

It looks Awesome!

Great website….nice work by all involved.

The website looks awesome!!

I really like the new website!

Great job on the website!

Over the years, we’ve had many comments on how well our old site looked and functioned. Thank you for that feedback!

We’ve also had many suggestions for improvements.  Recently, those suggestions have included wanting more integration with the social media applications you currently use like Facebook, Twitter, RSS, YouTube, smart phones, web calendars and blogs.  You’ve told us many times that connecting to the ET family and knowing what’s going on with other athletes is very important.  You also want to “share” our world with your friends in other parts of your network.

Our new site has all of these features and more!  We have added blogging, and we want you to participate as you’ve done in the past with stories about your races and journey.  You may make comments on just about every aspect of the site and blog, including all the blog posts, athlete stories and coaching articles.

We want to hear from you!  You can now follow us in several ways.  It’s easy to subscribe to our updates and get them via your email id, Facebook, Twitter or RSS feed.  Pick the way that’s best for you!

We hope you enjoy the cleaner, fresher look of the new website as well as all the new features.  Let us know what you think by posting a comment. 🙂

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