To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift

by Marsha H.

I always felt like I was born with an extra dose of energy. As a child it would get me into trouble at home, in the neighborhood and at school. My mother quickly figured out to get me into as many physical activities as possible. So my childhood living in Colorado was full of ballet, gymnastics, backpacking, horseback riding, ski clubs, cross country skiing and roaming the mountain on which we lived for hours upon hours. I cried at piano lessons and always found better outdoor activities to do than doing my homework. My family was and is not of athletic backgrounds or interested in athletic endeavors, so there was always a certain level of frustration that I felt. I was told to sit still and enjoy the sunset- I wanted to catch it. Just look at the beautiful lake- I wanted to swim it. Aren’t the mountains beautiful- I wanted to climb or ski them. Every open field I saw was an invitation to take a horse across at full gallop. I didn’t feel the peace my family felt until I had conquered these beautiful visions. As a young adult, I finally conquered away skiing every chance I had, competing in the hunter/jumper world with my thoroughbred Centennial, backpacking, rafting trips, canoe trips, and living my young twenties as fast as I could.

I am married now with four children. Lack of time and family dedication has replaced the need for living fast and having dare devil thrills. I still however have my need to conquer and push myself. I have found triathlons a wonderful safe way to curb my energy and gain so much in return. I do not receive joy from beating people. I receive joy from sharing a race, a great workout and from other’s successes. One of my favorite things to see on race results is a personal record after someone’s time. That is a thrill!  My personal goals are always high, it’s what keeps me wanting more. I love being with athletes again because they inspire me and share my same energy and outlook.  I love doing triathlons because there is always a journey to be had and a tomorrow to do it better.

My favorite quote is:

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.

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