Steve Buschkopf

Steve Buschkopf

Masters Swim Coach

Coach Steve comes to team Experience Triathlon with over thirty years of providing successful training and mentoring within the business and athletic worlds.  He is a USAT Official and coaches ET Masters swimming at our Central Park location.

Steve entered the world of triathlon in 2000 while successfully completing his first sprint relay event, combining with both his daughters to earn a podium finish for Team Buschkopf.  Since that event, Coach Steve has competed in over 35 triathlons at all distances, from sprint to the Ironman .

“Triathlon is such an incredible journey that doesn’t culminate at the conclusion of a single race, but provides a vehicle that will enhance or completely change your lifestyle for the rest of your life.  This is a sport that transcends both gender and age while providing an opportunity to compete at any level that you choose.”

As a collegiate swimmer attending Eastern Illinois University, Coach Steve is not new to the world of competition.  But after leaving college and pursuing a business career, his physical activity wound down to almost nothing for a period of more than twenty years.  The challenge of triathlon has provided the means to change his lifestyle and he has passed his story to other Masters athletes who have thought that they were “too old, too big, too heavy or just too tired” to give it a try.

As a Masters Swim Coach over the past 15 years, Steve specializes in working with swimmers to improve stroke technique, swim speed and endurance.

Coach Steve has lived in Naperville for over 35 years with his wife Jane, has two daughters and is a proud  grandparent.