Judie Refvik

Judie Refvik

Triathlon Coach

“I highly recommend Coach Judie if you’re looking for help in your swimming! As a newer swimmer (just learned how to swim last year) I am still trying to perfect my stroke, correct the bad habits I’ve fallen into & figure out how to swim faster. In the short time I’ve been taking Coach Judie’s Master swim class, she has been able to pin point what I need to work on and consistently gives me the constructive criticism I’m always looking for. Every week she offers her support, critiques my strokes and is always very encouraging. As I always tell her, there’s no swimming under the radar in her class…she definitely is always watching! She does everything she can to show proper form, short of getting in the pool herself! She has even given me suggestions for things to do outside of the pool to help learn a new stroke, things she’s done herself that helped her when she was learning. She’s a great addition to the ET coaching staff!” – Cathy B.  More Coach Judie testimonials

Coach Judie began her road to triathlon on cycling vacations through Wisconsin in 2002.  What started as a love for the bike grew into a passion for the run and a dedication to the swim.  She began competing in multisport events in 2006 while training for the Chicago Marathon.  Since 2006, Judie has run marathons in Chicago, the Quad Cities, Green Bay, and Phoenix and competed in an array of running races in a variety of distances and terrains.  Her triathlon and duathlon experience includes distances up to the half-Ironman, an event she found truly challenging and rewarding.  Judie is a USAT Level I Certified Coach.

Judie’s passion for endurance sports and her enthusiasm for introducing others to a fun and competitive lifestyle has led her to coaching multisport athletes.  Her career as a structural engineer has honed her attention to detail, and Judie has a methodical approach to planning and developing programs.  Judie’s experience with different kinds of races is an asset to race-day planning.

Judie has a special interest in helping new athletes enter the sport of triathlon.  She also coaches ET Masters Swimming in Elk Grove Village where she helps adults learn to swim and refine their stroke mechanics.

In addition to the training components of being a multisport athlete and coach, Judie is passionate about balance and a healthy lifestyle.  She enjoys cooking, reading, and taking adventure vacations with her husband, who is also an endurance and multisport athlete.

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