ET Batavia Personal Coach or Custom Training Plan

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Working directly with a USAT Certified Coach from Experience Triathlon is the best way to customize your training plan, optimize your performance, minimize injuries and have fun!  If you’d like to learn more about our fee based personal, customized coaching and talk to an ET Coach, fill out the form below for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.

“…I went into that race with the confidence that I was fully prepared for the challenge ahead and knew if I stuck to the plan it would all work out, and it did, tenfold. I now know firsthand the difference between a coached athlete and a self coached athlete. The coached athlete trains with a sense of purpose and the understanding that if you lay the right ground work every reasonable goal is well within your reach.”  – Jim R.


“…I have been on a continuous journey to discover my physical and mental capabilities for endurance athletics. Having Coach Joe there is invaluable as a guide to training safely and productively. He also serves as a source of accountability that I need to stay on the path. We work together to develop yearly goals around which my training program is tailored. As a result of having a personal coach like Joe, I have been able to see improvement in my races from year to year. I am now more physically fit than I was as a teenager and I view life in a more positive way than ever before.”  – Jeff P.