Elk Grove Village Masters Registration Process

How to register for ET Masters at Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove Village pool low resRegistration for ET Masters EGV is done via the EGV park district website.  Below are a few tips to help with registration.  You can always call the park district at 847-437-9494 or go to the Pavilion at 1000 Wellington Ave Elk Grove Village IL 60007 and register in person.

Step 1:

CLICK HERE to go the Aquatics program page.

Step 2:

Click the green button labled “View Course”

Step 3:

In the Activity Search Criteria section, look for the field labeled Activity Number.  Type the Activity number of the section you are interested in and hit enter or search.  The photo below is a screen shot of what the Activity Search Crieria section should look like and the location of the Activity Number field.


For a list of upcoming sessions and their Activity Number, CLICK HERE

Note: Sessions currently in progress require in-person registration for a prorated fee and are shown as “unavailable.”  Sessions that haven’t started yet are available for online registration.