coach jim levesque testimonials

Testimonials for Coach Jim Levesque


Jim L boston jacket bio square“I’ve had a great time working with Jim. He’s written some killer plans and has also been willing to work with me as life has thrown twists and turns my way.” – Lia P.


“As the 2015 Season draws to a close I wanted to thank Jim Levesque. Jim was my triathlon coach. I can’t thank you enough for the benefits I received from your run coaching which made my goal of completing my first marathon a reality- My run times are only getting better btw so you better watch out Coach Jim. (We race in the same age group.)

The challenge of fitting triathlon in with everything else in your life is something they should give medals out alone for! However, all is not lost, a little planning, commitment and a flexible training schedule is key to success and to the coach athlete relationship. Jim knew this was important to me and he nailed it. Using Personal Coaching services from Experience Triathlon allowed me to maintain a well balanced lifestyle. During my time at ET I proposed to my wife, got married, bought a house and we welcomed our fist little boy into the world. I also got a full race season in with a Marathon to finish it off in October. Wow!

Jim not only spent week after week creating my schedules, I completed the season injury free! The support is more than I expected- When was the last time your coach came out on mile 16 of the marathon to push you through the “wall”?? Well… mine did, this picture describes Jim’s commitment to athletes success. Thanks buddy, I appreciate everything, and I will see you out there!” – Tom Z.


“In a world where us athletes are constantly stressing about achieving our goals, Jim has the best attitude and outlook on life to get his athletes through to the finish. His calmness and coolness is such an asset with smartly planning an athletes training schedule and modifying that schedule when life’s stuff gets in the road. He is also a heck of an athlete as well! Can’t go wrong with Jim as your coach!– Jeff P.