Spring Food for Athletes

Spring Food for Athletes

Eat well from day to day and vary your fruits and vegetables with the seasons to maximize nutrients.  So what’s in season for athletes in the Chicagoland area in May?  Early strawberries and cherries, plus greens of all kinds!  Dig in and enjoy!

Strawberries: Eat strawberries when they are ripe enough to perfume your kitchen. Enjoy vitamin C, folate and fiber with all the sweet flavor.

Cherries: Cherries contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help with recovery. Try both the sweet and tart varieties.

Spinach: High in vitamin A, minerals, and fiber, spinach is a powerhouse!

Dandelions: High in potassium, calcium, and vitamin K, dandelions are a fun addition to salads.

Arugula: High in nitrates, arugula helps relax blood vessels for better blood flow during exercise.

Fresh fruits and veggies are in season! Enjoy early greens and berries in May and June.

laurie bio photo Laurie Schubert is the Team Dietitian at Experience Triathlon.  She specializes in working with clients to meet nutritional needs and goals within the boundaries of food preferences, cooking ability, medical limitations, and budget.  She has a particular interest in sports nutrition, but gets personal satisfaction from encouraging people in weight loss, finding the right meal plan for a diabetic, and watching young children learn to enjoy a variety of foods.

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