About Exercising Nutritionally LLC

About Exercising Nutritionally, LLC


In 1984, Craig Broeder, Ph.D. FACSM, FNAASO founded Exercising Nutritionally, LLC, a private consultancy focused on working with competitive athletes and community groups assisting in the development of programs to enhance sports performance and healthy lifestyles.  Today, Exercising Nutritionally, LLC core research focuses on health interventions for the treatment and prevention of obesity, cardiovascular disease, or sports performance enhancement.

Currently, Dr. Broeder acts as CEO of Exercising Nutritionally, LLC.  An industry leading health care professional, Dr. Broeder draws on more than three decades of experience.  Dr. Broeder’s is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of preventive health, sports performance, and wellness.  Click here to view Dr. Broeder’s professional resume.