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Would you like to love running, improve your performance, learn to run, or run your first 5K or a Marathon?  Let USA certified ET coaches design the perfect run workouts for you.  Did you know that improper run workouts are one of the leading causes of injuries and poor performance in both training and racing.  Every athlete has a unique background and genetics making any generic run training plan from the web or a book a less than an ideal fit. 

2017 naperville womens marathon


If you’d like to learn to run or improve your running game, private lessons are the fastest way to get there.  An ET coach can quickly assess your current level, develop real-time workouts that perfectly progress you, and discuss any topic on your mind while you workout.  What a great way to get a customized, high quality workout with an expert and have fun in the process! 

Read some of these inspiring Athlete stories around this historic half marathon race!

Maggie W shares her 1st half-marathon story here

I was excited to run my first half marathon because it was a new and challenging goal for me. I had never considered myself a runner, and yet I decided to train hard for this new goal. As a result, I knew I was going to have a great race. Besides, I was guaranteed to set a PR!

See the World Famous ET Cheer Crew in action at the race here


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