ET Tire Changing Clinic

ET Tire Changing Clinic

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

ET Tire Changing Clinic

Outdoor Road Riding Season is here!

How are YOUR tire changing skills? Does the fear of a flat make you wince at the thought of going out on a ride by yourself?

Silly as it might sound, (because truth be told, it’s NOT silly!) does the knowledge of HOW to take your back wheel off AND put it back on again completely elude you? (Tri-bikes are often tricky animals here!)

Do you ride tubulars or tubeless wheels and have no clue what to do upon the dreaded flat, mid-race??

Sunday May 5 at 3:00pm—Join us at Spokes Bikes in Wheaton for a hands-on clinic to help you find your inner tire-changing mojo so you can become your own Tire Changing Ninja!

This clinic will be presented by ET Coach, Joe LoPresto.

Life’s too short to let self-imposed obstacles stop us from riding!

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ET Tire Changing Clinic

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