CompuTrainer Winter II Cycling Class

CompuTrainer Winter II Cycling Class

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

CompuTrainer Winter II Cycling Classes - January 20 - March 29

Sweat.  Music.  More Sweat.  Laughter.  Competitive Drive.  Encouragement.  Coaching.  Coffee.  Stretching.  Chilling.  Improvement.

Experience Triathlon is proud to announce their 2020 CompuTrainer Winter II Session, lasting 10 weeks, with rides ranging in length from 60-120 minutes, packed full with content to train every physiological system a rider needs to take their ride to the next level. Each class is personally coached, and with a small class size, there is plenty of interaction time amongst riders and coach. For those looking to ride “solo”, just bring along a pair of earbuds, and allow yourself to have the ride unfold before you while you go into your own mind.

Location: Wheaton near Butterfield and Naperville roads.


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CompuTrainer Winter II Cycling Class

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