CompuTrainer Winter I Cycling Class

CompuTrainer Winter I Cycling Class

5:30 am - 6:45 am

CompuTrainer Winter I Session Nov 4 thru Jan 19

Sweat.  Music.  More Sweat.  Laughter.  Competitive Drive.  Encouragement.  Coaching.  Coffee.  Stretching.  Chilling.  Improvement.

Experience Triathlon is proud to announce their 2019 CompuTrainer Winter I Session, lasting 11 weeks, with rides ranging in length from 60-120 minutes, packed full with content to train every physiological system a rider needs to take their ride to the next level. Each class is personally coached, and with a small class size, there is plenty of interaction time amongst riders and coach. For those looking to ride “solo”, just bring along a pair of earbuds, and allow yourself to have the ride unfold before you while you go into your own mind.

Location: Wheaton near Butterfield and Naperville roads.

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CompuTrainer Winter I Cycling Class

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