Lida Kuehn

Lida Kuehn

Swim Coach

Lida, pronounced Lee-duh, grew up in California and started swimming because “everyone swims in California.” She set records in multiple age groups growing up and has been a part of many swim teams throughout her career. She cannot remember a time where she was not a part of a team either as a swimmer, swim coach or volunteer. Lida swam for North Park University where she established 12 school records in multiple events while pursuing a nursing career. She is a versatile swimmer, and while her weakest stroke is breaststroke, she still enjoys swimming the individual medley. Lida swore she would never get up early again to swim after completing her college career. She briefly started doing triathlons and the kids came and took priority. She found herself back in the pool very early to maintain her fitness level and continued to compete between the kids’ events. Lida continued to compete at the master’s level and has turned in top 10 times multiple times over her years of competition at local, state, national and international levels. Lida loves open water swimming and will jump at the opportunity to swim a 5K. On her bucket list currently is swimming the Maui Channel and Trans Tahoe as part of a relay team and a 10K either in the Virgin Islands or California. Her bucket list is the reason she came to Experience Triathlon at the end of 2014. Ironman was on her bucket list and a swim friend pushed the envelope and had her sign up for Ironman Wisconsin in 2015. At that time she didn’t even own a bike. After finishing and having an amazing journey, she was hooked on triathlons. Additionally she learned most triathletes don’t like the water and panic if they cannot wear a wetsuit.

Lida has had 10+ years of coaching swim teams including her college team as an assistant coach. Her first team in California had over 350 kids- 90 of which were in the age group she and another coach were responsible for. Upon moving to the Naperville / Aurora area she was asked to start her local neighborhood team where she spent 5 years as the head coach. Lida gave her kids and others a love for the water, competition and seeing their potential. Lida’s coaching philosophy revolves around stopping swimmers and taking the time to correct stroke techniques rather than letting them continue to swim incorrectly. She believes that anyone can learn to swim and but that it does take time to feel comfortable, develop lung capacity and really be able to put the whole stroke together in an efficient manner. Swimming is one of those sports that it is easier to keep a base and stay consistent in the pool rather than having an on/off relationship with it.  Lida is a U.S. Masters Swimming Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Coach.

Lida is an oncology and bone marrow transplant case manager by day and athlete by early morning (and sometimes evening). In her free time, she is with her husband, John, of 28 years. Additionally she loves spending time with her kids: Scott, Stephanie and Justin. Scott is currently working for the University of Tulsa Oklahoma Football Team as a strength and conditioning coach while obtaining his masters. Stephanie is newly graduated from college and working as a Math Interventionist for District 204. You may have seen her around the past year, as she was inspired to sign up for her first Ironman in 2017 with her Mom and Uncle after watching her Mom’s journey. Justi is a junior at Illinois State University studying kinesiology and working for their campus recreational center. When she isn’t with her family or training, she enjoys scrapbooking, gardening and being outside.

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