Improving Performance with Massage

Improving Performance with Massage


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Massage is no longer simply being viewed as a luxury.  More and more athletes are making massage part of their ongoing training plans for maintenance, race preparation, and recovery.

If you haven’t experienced first-hand the benefits of massage, now is the perfect time to try.  Or if you’ve had a massage in the past but didn’t feel lasting effects from it, don’t write it off as simply being a short-term luxury purchase.

At Experience Massage, we approach each massage with the ultimate purpose of effecting a change in your musculature.  Our goal is always that of bringing a noticeable sense of balance and ease back to your movement.

Balance between muscles and freedom in movement can make all the difference on race day.  Don’t let muscle restriction hold you back from reaching your potential.  Not only do you deserve it, your muscles need it.

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