ET CompuTrainer information and directions

ET CompuTrainer information and directions


Click here for a PDF document with directions and a picture map showing you the correct entry door and parking spot.  This is key so if you’re not sure on this (or can’t open the file) please ask.  Note: we are NOT in the retail location of Spokes, so don’t go to the front door.  We are in their warehouse behind the store.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your session.  It does take some time to get the bikes loaded into the CompuTrainers and get them calibrated to ride.

There is a small bathroom in the warehouse for your use.  You can also change into/out of your bike clothes there.

Please bring your bike, shoes, hydration, nutrition, sweat towel(s) at a minimum plus anything else you’ll need to be comfy.

The room temps can fluctuate so please have a thin extra layer for the warmup period just in case it’s colder.  Make sure you can peel it off without stopping your ride after the warmup.  It can also be nice to add a layer while stretching after the ride.

We will play background music, but many riders prefer to bring their own music and mp3 player with earphones.

Your bike will need to have a standard metal quick release rear skewer that is designed to securely fit in the CompuTrainer stand.  If you don’t have one, our friends at Spokes can sell you one and get you set up.  Please do this before arriving for first class since we do not have time to change out skewers at class.