Coach Suzy Testimonials

Testimonials for Coach Suzy


“Coach Suzy was an integral part of my 2016 Ironman 70.3 training.  In five short weeks,  Coach Suzy organized my training, answered my questions, pushed me harder and never doubted that I could finish my race.  I appreciated that she researched the race course I was about to train on and gave me tailored advice so I could be fully prepared on race day.  I would highly recommend Coach Suzy as a coach and I look forward to working with her again next season!” – Kirsten J.

“Hi Coach Suzy – Can you believe that this week marks our ONE year working together? I can’t believe how much I have accomplished over this time frame and I know that I have you to thank.  Of course there has been the PR’s, but little things as well. I feel more confident in my biking skills; doing group rides, riding with cars on the road with me and conquering hills. I also feel much better about my overall fitness. That I’m not just trying to get a certain mileage in, but that my doing intervals and exercises I have improved my running capabilities.  Through your coaching I have been welcomed into the ET family which I truly cherish.  Over this past year I have gained so much both physically and emotionally. Thank you for pushing me when I need and being there for me when I need it as well. I feel like I’m finally in my “fitness groove” and I have you to thank.  What a year! I can’t wait to see what we’re talking about in 365 days!  Happy Anniversary!” –  Susan G.

“I have known Suzy for a while now it seems like. I have been blessed enough to have been able to work with her since 2015, and my sister worked with her for a bit even a few years before that.  I now live in Florida, and nothing has changed as far as the service given, the coaching has all stayed the same. I don’t get to see her as much obviously now, but we make it work, and we are still as close as ever.  Suzy has come to my baby shower, and has become a part of my family.  My entire family loves her like she’s a part of the family.  The coaching is more than coaching; it is family.  I love the community that has come from this. on all the races that I do and with ET gear when I wear it, EVERYONE is so thrilled to see another ET athlete on the course. They scream, and cheer so loud it is such a great boost!  I am very thankful, and very blessed to have ET.” – Taylor L.

“In a quest to find my “run love” I came across a passage that fit Coach Suzy to a T; “A coach is someone who helps you improve but leaves something “in the bank,” and also instills love of the sport as you move on. Plus, one hopes, someone who teaches you something about life in the process.”  I arrived in Coach Suzy’s inbox looking for help on my running, what I got in return has been so much more than I can ever repay. New to the world of Triathlon’s we started by establishing my race goals, training guidelines and what we both expected of each other. Together we identified my strengths and weaknesses, and Coach Suzy tailored my program to these, as well as to fit my work schedule. In addition to my training plan Coach Suzy has also addressed all aspects of training: physical, mental, and emotional. I am sure it has been no easy task for her, but her efforts as my coach have gone above and beyond anything I could have expected. She has got me through the hard times, but more importantly she has not only got me to my goals, she has celebrated them with me. She is the first person I want to call or search to find after every race. She is not only my coach, she is my mentor, my inspiration, and my friend.  In the seven months I’ve worked with Coach Suzy I have dropped five minutes off of my 5k, 27 minutes off of my last Naperville triathlon, and I might even love to run. 🙂 I look forward to our continued journey together and many more personal victories.” – Stephanie L.

“Coach Suzy, I haven’t taken the time to tell you that I am really happy with my work-out plan(s) that you are designing for me. I feel like I am working harder than I have in the past, avoiding any injuries, and I don’t feel overwhelmed with the time.  Swimming is going great – doing new routines/drills, swimming longer and pushing myself a little more than I have in the past. Running seems right on track in that some of the runs are starting to feel more manageable, I am more comfortable now with finally changing my pace for easier runs and runs at tempo pace. Never did that before and the watch helped a lot with that. If you remember I told you in the past that I only run at one speed. Thank you!” – Natalie H.

“I started running for recreation over a year ago with Coach Joe and learned that I could run long distances and feel good doing it. I ran my first 5k last year and made it a goal after that I would run more races with the next big goal of completing a half marathon in 2010. Coach Suzy trained me at the beginning of the year and through her guidance, motivation, encouragement and experience I was able to accomplish this goal today by running the Chicago Half Marathon! I was overjoyed crossing the finish line, it was months of running and worrying over nutrition and injury and the running itself that finally paid off today. Suzy was not just my coach, but my mentor and someone that I knew was looking out for my best interests and wanting me to succeed. That was a great motivator knowing others wanted me to do as well as I wanted to. When I thought my runs were terrible or that I feared running this half marathon, Suzy was always there to give advice, and make me feel that I could accomplish this goal. For that I’m truly grateful and ready to train for a marathon! For someone that hated running her whole life and often skipped running in gym class, I am amazed that I could grow to love running and love the way I feel when I finish. Thanks to Coach Joe and Suzy for getting me to this point in my life and helping me find that confidence within myself to keep going further with my goals.” – Kathy L.

“I don’t consider myself to be an easy athlete to work with, as I’m pretty detailed-oriented, and will get pretty fixated or focused on a particular area to work on at any given point in time….this being said, Coach Suzy has been the most amazing coach for me, always willing to help me find my solution, and improve my performance while doing so. She has helped me remember that triathlon is FUN, and not just about the competition! She has helped me keep my head on straight, and gotten me through some frustrating periods, always keeping a positive and energetic spin on things. And she has encouraged me to be the very best I can be, celebrating alongside me when I’ve had those really cool “highs” that come after a good workout, or a good race. She is so much more than just a coach–she is a mentor, and a friend, and I can’t possibly thank her enough for the huge impact she has had in my life. I just love this sport, and I know without any shadow of a doubt that this is in large part to having Suzy as my coach! I love ya, Suzy!” – Sarah F.

“Dear Coach Suzy, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing work with my son, Evan. He is like a new person since working with you. He is more active, working out, paying attention to what he eats, and losing weight. I could not have asked for more. You inspired Evan to live a healthy lifestyle and become all that he can be. He’s so proud to tell everyone that you are his coach. You have become an integral part of his life and his success story. Again, thank you again for all your hard work and your personal caring touch. You are a gift, and I’m so happy that we found you!” – Michelle H.

“‘There is a string between us.’ A fantastic coach once said this to me while running with me. I was encouraged all the way that someone was there to help get me through a rough run, acting as an invisible string to pull me to the goal. That is coach Suzy. She’s a dynamic woman who takes the time to really get to know her athletes and figure out what is in their best interests. She is the coach that greets you with a huge smile and open arms to welcome you into the ET family. Whether I am completing a harder race or one that I have done before, Suzy is there to support my success and share my achievement. There is more to a coach than just someone who tells you what to do and when to do it. A coach is someone who shares your triumphs and helps you through the difficult times. Suzy embodies these qualities. Whether training for my first triathlon or my first half marathon, Suzy has been there to pull me along and maintain a tiny string between us. I put in the work and the sweat but Suzy is right there with me to make sure that someone is guiding me through it all. What a coach and what a gift! Suzy makes the hard workouts easier and the unimaginable a reality! Thank you for helping me to become the athlete that I am today!” Sara B.

“Suzy introduced me to running and helped me reach my personal goal of running a 5K. The beginners run class she led provided a welcoming and friendly environment to learn the basics, get started running and be inspired by others. Suzy’s enthusiasm and encouragement kept me going and enabled me to complete the course despite the rain, snow and freezing cold. Thanks to Suzy, I now run regularly and feel the benefits of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, and I’m already thinking about my next challenge.” Martin A.

“Coach Suzy, thank you for all you did for me in the Beginner Running Class. I went from hating running, to looking forward to it. I didn’t realize how proper clothing or proper stretching could add so much to my progress. Since taking the class with you I have cut six minutes off my 5K races. Thank you for being such a great motivator, and making me believe that I, too, could do it.” Tracy R.