Coach Mike Testimonials

Testimonials for Coach Mike

Several years ago, my passion for running led me to the world of multisport. I was very excited to broaden my horizons and enter the exciting sport of triathlon, but there was one small problem – I didn’t know how to swim. Enter Coach Mike. I was definitely a little intimidated when I started, not knowing what I was getting into, but knowing that I had a lot to learn about swimming. Coach Mike was always so friendly and welcoming. I never felt like he was looking down on me or getting frustrated with me when my body wouldn’t do what he and my brain were telling it to do. He celebrated my small successes with me, which kept me motivated to keep on learning. Unlike other swim coaches that I had experience with, Coach Mike did an awesome job of talking to me on my level…in terms that I could understand…and translate into performance in the pool. Thank you, Coach Mike, for teaching me to swim so I could realize my dream of becoming a triathlete! – Suzy C.