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Testimonials for Coach Jim

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An amazing race and PR today at the Great Western half marathon! Thank you Coach Jim for all of your encouragement and support. – Erin C.

“Third half marathon this year, third PR this year. 1:35:44 thanks Coach Jim for all your help!” – Mike O.

“Thanks to Coach Jim Riga!  Several months ago I made the decision to transition to triathlon training.  The decision was exciting, but a bit daunting.  I interviewed with Coach Jim, went through my swim, bike, and run assessments and began training.  We set goals together, kept track of my progress, monitored any injuries, etc.  All this was, in my opinion, expected.  That’s basically what a coach does…right?  What was unexpected, is the encouragement, camaraderie, friendship, and hands on education.  This is an environment that allows you to train with confidence.  The “Experience” in Experience Triathlon is truly met in this great coach.  Thanks Coach Jim, you are awesome!” – Bob M.

“Thank you, Coach Jim, for getting me through my longest run EVER this morning. You were a great motivator!” – Erin C.

“Working out with Coach Jim has been great.  I’ve increased my speed, endurance, and refined my running form all while remaining injury free.  Coach Jim’s workouts were customized for me and helped me get to a new level with my running.  I had so much fun, I decided to try my first sprint triathlon!  I highly recommend Coach Jim and Experience Triathlon.” – Christina F.