How to keep your momentum and speed while turning

How to keep your momentum and speed while turning

by Coach Sarah

Here’s a quick tip that might help you tackle all the turns & corners in the cycling leg of your next race with as much efficiency as possible.

Shift down 1-2 gears (i.e. shift to an easier gear in the back) as you are either heading into, or coming out of, the turn.  This allows you to accelerate again as smoothly as possible, keeping your cadence HIGH while you are accelerating back up to speed.   After you’ve got your speed back up, THEN shift to the gear you were in before heading into the turn.

This helps keep your momentum and speed as fluid as possible, and keeps your legs spinning at a sustainable force, saving precious muscle fibers.

Focus on keeping your cadence as consistent as possible as you exit the turn!   Use those gears to help you make your re-acceleration as effortless as possible!!

Don’t wait until race day to practice…take your bike out for a few spins around your block, and get comfortable with this before hand!

Sarah Farsalas is a USA Cycling Level III certified coach and Licensed Massage Therapist with Experience Triathlon.   Learn more about Coach Sarah, Experience Triathlon and Experience Massage at

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