Brian Vogelsinger

Triathlon Coach

Brian Vogelsinger was raised in Glen Ellyn and now lives in Batavia with his wife and two young boys. Brian has always been an active person, participating in cross country and golf in his high school years and a wide variety of other sports in his younger years. After college and pre-triathlon days he focused on weight training and was able to realize the impact that dedication to a training program can have on your body and fitness goals.

Brian raced in his first triathlon event in 2008, a year after watching his then-fiancee race in the Olympic-distance Chicago triathlon. He realized this was something he needed in his life, bought his first road bike and the rest is history! He continued participating in triathlons and his love for the sport continued to grow. He found out about Experience Triathlon and met with Coach Joe in early 2011 and found that he thrived when participating in the group workouts and receiving individually-targeted training plans.

Brian is an air traffic controller by day (and due to the schedules involved with this particular career choice, often by night as well!) and a pilot to boot. He began his college career at Embry Riddle University in Florida and eventually transferred to Lewis University, earning a degree in Aviation Administration during his time there.

Brian is an incredibly helpful and genuine person, he is an Eagle Scout and delivers on any expectation you may have of the type of person that earns that title. He will drop whatever he is doing to help a friend or family member if asked, and he always does the best work he is capable of in all settings. He has experienced firsthand how following a training plan can cause your goals to materialize, and he cannot wait to help others make this happen for themselves. Pair his naturally helpful nature with his discipline and desire to succeed and you have a natural coach that will help you achieve your goals, helping you every step of the way!